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petition for Avengers 2 to be a musical and the only person who doesn’t know its a musical is Tony

Who the hell is Bucky?

First pic of Robert Downey Jr. on the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron, courtesy of his Twitter (x)

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Captain America was so unrealistic. You honestly expect me to believe they put the flash drive in the right direction on the first try every time.


"After a while, all the visits with nutritionists and 4 a.m gym workouts just put you on autopilot. I had to train in krav maga, this fighting style where you learn how to do things like kill an opponent with an espresso cup. But when you see the payoff onscreen , it’s totally worth it.”


They called him the Winter Soldier. Supposed to be the KGB’s secret weapon. A guy who could pass for American and slip behind enemy lines or cross borders without raisin’ an eyebrow. Deadly with a knife or a rifle… even deadlier hand-to-hand. And since he was a ghost, half the time they weren’t even sure if it was an accident or a murder.

Captain America vol. 5 #8-14

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I don’t have anyone but you.